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06 July 1988 @ 07:15 pm
Introduction & About  
This is my personal journal/site. I will post entries about my life, concerns, rants, and etc. I've owned two previous LiveJournals, which are already deleted. I was a member of LiveJournal around 2005, but left. I decided to come back to LiveJournal in April of 2008.

My real name is Diana and I reside in Florida. I was born on this world on July 8th, 1988 (age 26), with my twin sister Dalya (dalyax) in New Jersey. We're fraternal twins (two different eggs, and two different sperm). My family and I moved to Florida when I was at the age of 7 or 8. My parents were born in Egypt. My family believe in Islam. I have two brothers who are older than me. Me and Dalya currently attend a College to pursue a career/degree to help our lives, together. We also have two cats (felines), one female and one male, that are domestic short hairs.

My family say I'm the gullible, innocent, and funny one. I laugh and joke a lot. My sister calls me the silly one. The happiest times of my childhood was when me and my twin sister would play for many hours. My favorite foods are pizza, pretzels, chocolate, Vietnamese summer rolls, and other foods.

I love playing video games on my free or spare time. My favorite video games are: Silent Hill 2 (PS2), Silent Hill 3 (PS2), Silent Hill 4: The Room (PS2), ICO (PS2), Shadow of  the Colossus (PS2), BioShock (PS3), BioShock 2 (PS3), and others.

I started crochet as a hobby, and I'm loving it. Also started knitting, but I am still a beginner at it. I prefer crocheting than knitting. In the future I may create a shop to sell crochet and knitted projects for sale, and possibly custom orders. I am active on Ravelry as well.

I love all type of music, but I dislike rap, country, hip-hop; I like some of the songs though.  But, my favorite type of music is techno, pop, jazz, electronica, and vocal trance. If you want to know what type of music I listen to (or what type of music artists/groups I like), then visit my Pandora (music) profile page.

I'm active on LJ a few times a week, reading friend's entries, checking LJ communities, looking at user's journals, making comments/replies, updating journal, and etc.