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30 April 2009 @ 04:30 pm
LOCKED! (friends only)  
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REGARDING TO LJ FRIENDS: If you suddenly realized that you aren't on my friend list anymore, then it means I removed you. Reasons are: not active on LJ, haven't commented in my LJ for months or even a year, never commented, barely having any interests together, or...you just bothered me in some way. Do not take it personal, I just don't want people who don't have interests with mines or not being active clogging up my friend list. If this bothers you, PM me. If not, remove me from your friend list.

I've decided to make this online journal of mine friends only, meaning that those who are on my friends list can only read all of my entries. I decided to also do this for my privacy, since I post a lot of personal things that go on in my life. I will not change this journal back to a public journal. I update my journal with complaints about my life, family, college/university, rants (complaints), and etc.

For those who are reading this, and want to add me as a friend on LiveJournal, please read my introduction & about me entry page, first. Please don't add me because you want to. If I fit your interests, then reply this this entry or on the contact entry page. Please (if you can), tell me how you found my journal, how I fit your interests or hobbies, and give me a little information about yourself. Also, if you wish to be my friend on LiveJournal, please respect my beliefs, opinions, as I will also respect yours. If I have offended you or anyone else, please be mature and let me know by PMing me on LJ.

If you don't speak English as much, and have a journal that is not in English, then I will have frustrations of translating text since I only know English, and some Arabic.

I am accepting friends on LiveJournal.

NOTE*: If you just add me without replying to this entry, or on the contact entry page, I will LJ PM you/e-mail you about why not confirming me about adding me (because you need to be on my friend list to read my entries). If you become rude to me with a reply, I will ban you from my journal. Don't take it personally if this happens to you, but respect everyone's journals and their rules if people want to add them as friends.

Those who are already friends with me on LiveJournal, and want to read any of my entries, please see my entry tags. I add tags to all of my entries that I submit.

For my friends who are interested in reading my online journal (or wanting to start their own blog/journal), please join LiveJournal, it's free.

Comments on this entry will be screened (leaving only me being able to read them; I'm doing this for privacy reasons).